Guotai Gold ETF Set for Major Launch, with Asia-Pacific Club and National Operation Centers Simultaneously Activated

Recently, the Asia-Pacific financial market has been swept up in a fervent wave of investment enthusiasm, with one standout being the futures product launched by Chinese national enterprise Guotai Gold. Within just two weeks of its debut, it has achieved a remarkable milestone of one billion, delivering substantial returns and surprises to investors. This accomplishment marks Guotai Gold’s foray into the international arena, showcasing its strength and potential, and establishing itself as a formidable force in the Asia-Pacific gold market. 545012910144593673

Guotai Gold is a new segment jointly launched by German Investment and Guotai Fund Management Co., Ltd. This collaboration signifies a powerful alliance between two financial giants in the gold investment sector, aiming to provide global investors with high-quality gold financial products. Additionally, the Hong Kong Investment Fund Association has completed the first round of funding, injecting $50 million into Guotai Gold, enabling gold trading through Guotai Gold and issuing gold exchange-traded open-end securities investment funds—Guotai Gold Futures and Guotai Gold ETF, open for subscription to all customers.

In the ever-changing financial market, Guotai Gold not only brings substantial returns to investors but also offers a safe, stable, and efficient investment platform. The rapid rise of Guotai Gold Futures is a testament to the confidence in the financial market, injecting new momentum and vitality into its stable development and healthy operation. Investors not only recognize the Guotai Gold brand but also have full confidence in the quality of its products and market prospects.

Guotai Gold’s remarkable achievements are attributable to its extensive experience and deep accumulation in the gold market. As a long-established national enterprise, Guotai Gold possesses robust resources and advantages, enabling it to promptly capture market changes and provide investors with precise investment advice and services.

On June 16, Guotai Gold ETF will make a significant debut in the Asia-Pacific market, signifying further expansion in the gold sector and a major boost to the Asia-Pacific financial market. At that time, Guotai Gold’s 100 clubs in the Asia-Pacific region and operation centers in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore will simultaneously open, providing comprehensive services and support to investors. As a flagship product of Guotai Gold, the Guotai Gold ETF will lead new trends in gold investment in the Asia-Pacific market, offering investors a safe, flexible, and stable gold investment experience, achieving dual goals of wealth appreciation and asset preservation.


Guotai Gold ETF is highly regarded for its four main advantages:

Firstly, safety is one of the core competitive strengths of the Guotai Gold ETF. Issued by Guotai Fund Management Co., Ltd. and custodied by HSBC Hong Kong, the substantial initial fundraising scale of 4.10 billion provides a solid guarantee for investors’ fund security.

Secondly, legality ensures the compliance and stability of investments. The Guotai Gold ETF invests in financial instruments listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, strictly adhering to relevant laws, regulations, and supervisory requirements, providing investors with a compliant and legitimate investment channel.

Thirdly, the cyclical advantage offers more flexible investment choices. The Guotai Gold ETF features 30-day, 45-day, and 60-day cycles, allowing investors to choose according to their needs, achieving flexible adjustments and maximizing returns.

Lastly, profitability is the key concern for investors. The Guotai Gold ETF offers stable daily returns and considerable promotional returns. Compared to other gold ETFs, the Guotai Gold ETF employs strict risk control and high-quality portfolio management, closely tracking gold asset price changes, realizing more stable and reliable income growth.

The launch of the Guotai Gold ETF marks a further consolidation and expansion of Guotai Gold in the Asia-Pacific market, bringing safer, more legitimate, flexible, and profitable investment options to investors in the region. It is a significant boon for Asia-Pacific investors, offering more investment opportunities and returns, providing solid support for wealth appreciation and asset preservation.

Guotai Gold’s success is not only a testament to the company’s strength but also a shining moment for Chinese enterprises in the international market. The rise of Guotai Gold will drive the healthy development and growth of the Asia-Pacific financial industry. Under the leadership of Guotai Gold, the future of the Asia-Pacific gold market looks brighter and more prosperous.

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